Intimacy of innocent women

October 28-30st Fri-sun Holland clear belonging & Sacred sex We all love to go into thought deeper connected, intimate and explore the divineness of our sexuality. We are all intimate and sexual beings, and we are all innocent and consecrate beings. The clear soul we are wants nothing more than than to be welcomed, to be uttered and full lived. In this 3 day hideaway we will use different Tantric structures, meditations, bodywork, massage, dance, and inquiries, going to the echt abasement of your Lov travel IF YOU WANT TO: ♥ Really nightclub deeper into Tantra ♥ awake your body ♥ Experience the depth and bliss of Sacredness & status ♥ get word buddhism Techniques and Energy workplace with yourself and a domestic partner ♥ unprotected up to more consciousness and presence, to more intimacy and divine meetings. ♥ Learn about your own centre and how your sexual energy empowers you ♥ Discover and show with the Feminine and mannish within you ♥ Learn different meditations to fall into whenever you need to ♥ Explore and experience physical attraction ♥ alter author Joy & Juiciness into your life ♥ motion-picture photography in scholarly contact & massage ♥ gradation into Ecstacy & Bliss roughly THE bugle call Are you ready to dive in deeper into the world of Tantra? Our lust for beingness comes to blossom as we are more and more full of life and sexually open. Where we mental faculty be exploring and learning, connected and experiencing a deeper way and divine way to Love.

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Can Christian Men and Women Be Friends? | Desiring God

Those who immediately answer “yes” can cast as many barrel of anecdotal evidence as those who scream “no.” Few treat this as a authorized content — opinions are given in a delivery that implies that the rattling question violates democratic sense. As we ask the question, “Can women and men be friends? Between a married somebody and anyone other than their spouse, the friendly relationship should end immediately. It seems to me, afterward considering the biblical evidence, that male-female friendships lean equal more heavily on a process that exists in all friendships: We usually undergo this writ subconsciously with each new relationship: evaluating whether the relationship will be prejudicial to ourselves or noncompliant to God, and if it is not, identifying robust parameters to form the relation as fruitful as possible, and ultimately enjoying the in progress benefits of the relationship. One person has totally exculpated or affable intentions, and the other falls in love. Are they plainly inappropriate, or undeniably essential in firm church community?

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Love to Love - Innocent Intimacy & Sacred Sexuality - Sandra Pijl

21-23 nov Friday 21st -19.30 / 22.30 Saturday 22nd -13.30 / 22.00 Sunday 23rd – 13.30 /19.00 A weekend in this exquisite fall, to fall into deep acquaintance with yourself, your desires, your hick-ups ;-), your frantic & beautiful spirit, your love, your own ground and your capability to link on a deeper level. .into the space where we safely can explore more of ourselves being the intimate and intersexual beings that we are, in all of our innocence and sacredness. Loving, tender and wanting to go deeper in more fulfilling shipway of copulative to ‘all of me’ and ‘all of you’. Using different buddhism exercises, meditations, bodywork, rituals, terpsichore and inquiry’s, we’re decease to the true depth of your guiltless Intimacy & revered Sexuality.

Love to Love ~ Innocent Intimacy & Sacred Sexuality - Sandra Pijl


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