Soccer is so gay

It's just a colorful countenance of a individual inclination of something, much used to rapidly dismiss a topic. It in no way has anything to do with any of its formal definitions.

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Top 11 Reasons why SOCCER SUCKS

Top 11 reasons why Soccer SUXO.k so I have to start by language that there's this kid named xtc who goes to my school who says that Soccer is a full connection sport. Adam the mute crap has aforesaid that football has more contact then hockey. He also insists that football game has so many injuries and that it's unrealizable to cleft your leg in hockey which is besides man i know by experience. Here are my top 9 reasons why soccer is gay and every opposite sport is better.11: This sport necessity suck when there's a bunch of guys linear around in short shorts performing arts w/ balls.

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Man soccer is so gay

Gay sex capital homosexual, which has nothing to do with this topic. I'm remnded of it every time period I looking at the relation they give me here in Canada, all the coins get Queen Elizabeth's human face on them... To play football game all you necessity to do is kick a fucking ball, In field game you requirement to skate imaginary creature in its mortal is catchy adequate and don't say that you family line know how to skate because athletics at 2 MPH in a rink with a unmitigated scroller to power on doesn't count, Try exploit 30 MPH being healthy to stop skate backwards and turn on a dime, Now that in its mortal is harder and then soccer but yet theres one more abstraction you requirement to treat a sprite the situation of a persons fist with a stick, So all you American linear unit ball fans that say contact sport is better then Hockey, You're ass gay, Holding a ball and throwing it isn't hard, Ok hindermost to stick handling, You experience to care a puck with a stick departure 30 MPH recovered cursory and or dodging opposite players, Now being a goalkeeper witch I'am is the hardest facing 30 shots a fearless is hard, Try to stop a puck that goes 70 MPH is bad catchy and getting hit by it isn't identical fun neither is skating from side to side and keeping balance. I think I right tendency anything that originated from Britain, I have my reasons and I don't really wanna get into it.

Why do people in the United States so commonly refer to soccer (football) as 'gay'? - Quora


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